expected to be covered during the IRT 2022


Nucleoside chemistry

Synthesis, modifications, methods, prebiotic chemistry

Oligonucleotide design and chemistry

Synthesis, modifications, conjugates, labeling, capping, ON and guide RNA design

Nucleoside bioactivity

Prodrugs, antiviral and antibacterial nucleosides

Oligonucleotide/RNA based therapy

siRNA, mRNA, microRNA and antisense therapy, miRNA targeting, splice correction/switching, gene activation/editing and toxicity.

Delivery and targeting of nucleosides and oligonucleotides

Cellular uptake-enhancing and tissue-targeting modifications and conjugates, intracellular trafficking, protein interaction.

Applications of nucleic acids beyond therapy

Nanotechnology, origami, diagnostics, biophysics of nucleic acids, mechanisms and reactions involving nucleic acid components

Nucleic acids: structure, recognition and cleavage

Aptamers, ribozymes/DNAzymes, artificial nucleases, enzymology of nucleic acid processing, small molecule recognition of nucleic acids, CRISPR/Cas



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